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Term Paper Topic Ideas in Business

  • Antitrust.

A writer who will be writing an essay or paper on this topic analyzes Justice Department actions in the First Hawaiian Bank merger case (1990).

  • Apache Case Study

The way in which one answers this question is intimately related to the way in which one conceptualizes the nature of competition itself. This might seem to be simply a Jesuitical quibble, a question of fancy-shmancy semantics, but it is not. A number of different models of competition are usually encapsulated within the common references to competition, but these models are in fact not entirely compatible with each other.

  • Apache Overview

Apache Oil current economic position is moderately healthy because while it is a relatively well organized company it is also subject to a high degree of economic and political “turbulence” simply by virtue of being in the energy industry. Given its current strengths and weaknesses and how the latter are likely to increase in an increasingly politically and economically contentious globalized system, the company might want to consider revising its management strategy to decrease the percentage of its resources that are dedicated to areas of the market in which there is both turbulence and a high degree of competition.

  • Appearance and Job Placement.

This paper examines the role of physical appearance in job placement according to the statistics help sources. Attractive physical appearance is seen as linked to productivity in some industries with high customer contact. But generally, most employers use it subjectively for candidate selection without linking it to skill sets. Candidates also share this subjective expectation of employers especially when job competition is unpredictable.

  • Apple Computer 2002 Case.

This paper answers a series of questions with reference to the Apple Computer Case 2002 concerning the computer industry, apple's markets, problems facing the company, and the future.

  • Apple Computers Financials

This paper presents data on the current state of the business of apple Computers, including revenues, expenses, stock information, ratios, and projections of business into the future, noting how the company has revived itself from a low in the early 1990s and how the digital music area of the business has been doing particularly well, as has a new operating system.

  • Apple Forecast

This paper considers the strength of Apple stock and whether it would make a good purchase based on a forecast for the next 50 yeas or so, noting that Apple's strengths include its marketing techniques and its dedication to innovation through research and development, and the company should do well over the next decade or so, but that forecasting beyond that is risky because of the speed with which computer products change and the tastes of consumers change with respect to the computer market.

  • Apple the Growth and the Downfall.

This is a paper that discusses the growth of Apple Computer and the reasons behind its progress. It then examines the reasons that the company fell from its zenith and became a small player in the field of technology. Apple blew its technological lead due to its blundering top management. These blunders were the result of the managers' arrogance, egos, and greed. 

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