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DOWNLOAD FULL: Doja Cat Planet Her Album Download

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This new project “Doja Cat – Planet Her” Album is ready and available for free download in Mp3 format below.



Tracklist :-

1. Woman
2. Naked
3. Payday ft. Young Thug
4. Get Into It (Yuh)
5. Need To Know
6. I Don’t Do Drugs ft. Ariana Grande
7. Love to Dream
8. You Right ft. The Weeknd
9. Been Like This
10. Options ft. JID
11. Niggas Ain’t Shit
12. Imagine
13. Alone
14. Kiss Me More ft. SZA

It’s music that plays to Doja Cat’s strengths. She can genuinely sing as well as rap – she doesn’t sound out of her depth duetting with Ariana Grande on I Don’t Do Drugs – and her lyrical skills major not in essaying weighty topics but in being flippant and funny. “Follow me to my dressing room / Let me know if you ain’t ’bout that NSFW,” offers Naked, adding: “You know I love to dance / Let me cordially invite you to the party in my pants.” “Call him Ed Sheeran,” she suggests, unexpectedly, of a potential suitor on Get Into It (Yuh), before clarifying: “He’s in love with my body.” It’s music with enough room for a degree of experimentation, as on Payday, a collaboration with Young Thug that plays out over a complex, baroque keyboard figure and features both leading lady and guest star performing in impressively weird, strained high voices. Options, meanwhile, is based around a muffled, slightly off-kilter flute sample doused in reverb, woven deftly around the beats.

But Planet Her’s breezy approach also has its limitations. For all its relative brevity, it sags in the middle, thanks to a succession of insubstantial ballads that even a guest appearance from the Weeknd can’t rescue from tedium: a weird thing to let slide from an artist so evidently concerned with not taxing her listeners’ attention spans.