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Heather Wilson RN, CFCS

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Nurse entrepreneur & thought leader committed to excellence, integrity, service and humanity. Passionate about serving the aging population thru the development of Ohio's first, nurse owned foot care company, Everyday Divinity. My tenure as a charge nurse brought to light the failure of proper foot care services to those most vulnerable, the diabetics and the elderly. I witnessed the rise of foot infections that led to amputations as a result of insurance dropping routine foot care coverage. This lack of insurance coverage combined with the decline of podiatry providing basic foot care gave way to a much needed solution. Everyday Divinity was created in 2011 to be that solution. As the aging population is living longer a lot of them are unable to care for their feet due to arthritis, vision changes, obesity &/or lack of dexterity. Everyday Divinity has grown in popularity just by word of mouth by offering foot care clinics to 3rd party facilities as well as in home services throughout Ohio. As nurses we are filling not only the void of appropriate & affordable foot care, but we are filling the void of senior isolation with our one on one care. This Soul to Sole phenomenon combined with our evidence based practice business model has proven successful not only to the seniors we serve but the nurses who join our company.