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Health Care Leader & Educator As a health care executive for the past 25+ years I have seen some of the finest examples of the most powerful and influential leadership, demonstrated over and over again by nurses who were directly involved in patient care. These nurses do not think of themselves as leaders - no, not them, they are just doing their jobs. But leaders they are - influencing others, advocating for patients, collaborating with peers, and making positive changes occur everytime they practice. The ability to instill trust and influence others to follow your direction is true leadership. Nurses are indeed leaders, whether they see themselves as leaders or not. Nurses now are being called upon to take on an even greater leadership role in the transformation of our healthcare systems. We have no choice, for our patients sakes we must be willing to take the lead; at the bedside and in board rooms, now more then ever in this crazy and complex healthcare world we live in. I am committed to improving patient care outcomes by providing continuing education programs for nurses that are focused on the professional development and "nurturing of the leader in every nurse." Specialties: Honesty, loyalty, follow through, team building, continuing professional education, leadership development, operations management, strategic planning, performance management, market competitive analysis, new product/service development.