Candace Miller - July 2017's Featured Member

By Molly Homan posted 07-12-2017 10:48 AM


Candace resides in Hilliard and has worked at The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center since 2002. She also graduated from Ohio State with her BSN in 2005.

When asked about a situation that confirmed her decision to become a nurse, Candace recounts a story of when she traveled to Mexico and had to use her training with victims of a serious bus accident, with one of those victims being her mom.

"I feel like my decision to become a nurse has been confirmed time and time again. The first time was shortly after graduation and about a week before I started my first job as a nurse.

I was in Mexico with my fiance and my mom, her friend and family. We were traveling on a city bus that was involved in a serious accident. Half of the people on the bus ultimately died.

My mom was seriously injured and was trapped by two dead bodies. My fiance and I got her off the bus and she became my first ever patient. I advocated for her and become her translator while we went to 2 hospitals in Mexico - the first of which did not have running water. I also continued to be her nurse as she recovered over the next few months.

This was the first of many times that my nursing experience and background played an enormous role in helping those closest to me."

Candace's volunteer work at the medical center and with a local group, LOV, is featured here. Take a look!