April's Featured Member: Susan Babik

By Molly Homan posted 04-11-2017 04:48 PM


Susan Babik is a 34-year nurse of Akron General Medical Center, and is originally from Youngstown, Ohio. She attended Youngstown State immediately after high school where she graduated with her associate's degree in 1982. Susan later went on to earn her BSN from Kent State in 1991.

When asking Susan of a specific situation that confirmed her decision to become a nurse, she responded, "When I was beginning high school, I needed an emergency appendectomy - my appendix had ruptured! Though I was 14 years old, I had yet to be exposed to a hospital. And it was during that continuum of care where I encountered all aspects of nursing.

In 1975, admission for a ruptured appendix was quite a lengthy stay. I remember how the emergency room staff was quick to assess my critical status, and how quickly I was off to surgery. I found out that my appendix had ruptured the day before, so peritontis was present and sepsis was imminent. I could tell I needed immediate medical attention by all that was happening around me. The entire time, though, I felt safe and in very capable hands. 

Throughout my month-long hospital stay, I was further exposed to all types of nurses. I saw nurse aides, practical nurses, nurse students, charge nurses, head nurses, floor nurses and unit nurses. They all took part in tending to my needs and making me well again. I always will remember the kindness, sense of caring and friendship the nurses offered me. When deciding on a college curriculum a few years later, I knew nursing was that answer because I was shown first-hand how great of a profession it is."