Community Ambassador

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Starts: 11-16-2017
Location: 4000 E Main Street, Columbus, OH 43213-2950 volunteer opportunity location


Nurses are integral members of their communities. And it’s important for our communities to understand and be in touch with the realities of Ohio’s healthcare environment. This includes important nursing issues, like safe nurse staffing.

ONA knows that no one is better equipped to inform our communities about nursing issues than you. 

That’s why we’re recruiting Community Engagement Ambassadors – nurses who are interested in building upon and creating new relationships with key people in their communities. You know nursing’s issues because you live them. And for change to happen in Ohio on key issues, like nurse staffing, we’ll need experts like you educating our communities.

ONA staff will assist ambassadors, and will offer training on how to:

  • Identify current and potential community allies
  • Create a message that connects
  • Design surveys
  • Develop a plan
  • Develop training
  • Meet with community groups

Volunteers Needed:

200 (200 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience




Lilliana Castillo