Membership Engagement Caucus

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Starts: 11-13-2019


The Membership Engagement Caucus is member-volunteer group that can be joined by any member at any time. 

 The engagement caucus has been integral for several initiatives, including launching an annual member survey, working exhibit booths to promote ONA membership, creating and working an engagement area at ONA Convention and developing the new New Nurse Network.

 The purpose of function as approved by the ONA Board of Directors is as follows:


 The purpose of this Membership Engagement Caucus is to engage in strategic education, support, collaboration, and activities to grow and sustain membership and membership engagement pursuant to the direction of the ONA Board of Directors.


  • Create campaigns that would increase knowledge of ONA
  • Launching a comprehensive membership engagement plan that includes strategies for students, younger members/new nurses, and current members
  • Serve as a resource for ONA marketing
  • Participate in the communication to the ONA board of directors on membership engagement issues and opportunities
  • Advise the ONA BOD on issues and opportunities as requested on membership and engagement issues
  • Create and launch a mentor program
  • Create, monitor, and evaluate annual membership surveys and disseminate findings to the ONA Board of Directors

Time Commitment

The caucus meets several times per year either virtually or in-person. In convention years, the caucus meets more to prep for member engagement activities at convention.

Volunteers Needed:

5 (5 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience




Molly Homan