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Publications Committee

Starts: 01-12-2023


Are you a member who also enjoys writing? Join ONA's Publications Committee! The Committee meets virtually on a quarterly basis to brainstorm and write content for ONA's publications - the Ohio Nurses Review and the Ohio Nurse

Each publication has its own purpose, and beats. Committee members will volunteer for beats that are of interest and pitch content ideas they would like to cover during the quarterly meetings. This group is also a great team of brainstormers, so you may leave a meeting with a new content idea, too! 

Our meetings are fun, to the point and productive. You won't leave feeling like you just attended another pointless meeting.

Members from all backgrounds are welcome - and necessary - for well-rounded publications.

So if you're interested in writing, communicating to ONA members and all nurses in the state, being in-the-know with all things nursing and ONA membership, then join us!

Purpose/mission statements:

Ohio Nurse: The mission of the Ohio Nurse is to educate and inform Ohio’s nurses on relevant topics affecting the healthcare landscape and nurses’ practice, while also considering the strategic plan of the Ohio Nurses Foundation.

Ohio Nurses Review: As the members-only publication of the Ohio Nurses Association, the Ohio Nurses Review’s mission is to inform and educate members on the latest activities of the association, its constituents and its membership, while also considering the strategic plan of the association.

ONR Beats: 

  • Union updates
  • Member profiles
  • National affiliate coverage
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • The Ohio Board of Nursing – What’s happening?

Ohio Nurse

  • ONA reference proposals 
  • Health Policy 
  • News for the New Nurses
  • Bedside Happenings
  • News for the Nurse Educator 
  • Nurse Jesse

Publication Committee Guidelines

  • All publications committee members must be a member of ONA.
  • Members complete a volunteer profile and submit a writing sample(s). 
  • General guidelines for length of articles  lead article - 1,500 words/other articles - 500-750 words
  • Each committee members will be expected to volunteer to write at least 4 articles each year.
  • For any articles submitted by non-committee members, the editor and at least one other committee member will review for appropriateness for publication
  • All articles are subject to review by appropriate staff member for accuracy and alignment with ONA mission and values (Process: ONA staff review first, then to Editor which communications with author(s))
  • References must be included in APA 7th edition format 
  • Authors must use objective data unless specifically asked to write an opinion piece (ex: book review, personal interview, etc.) 
  • Full name and credentials to be included with submission of your article. 

For each authors protection, ONA We will add a statement to each publication: Not legal or Medical Advice


Volunteers Needed:

4 (4 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience




Michelle Donovan