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Laurie Hornberger

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Nursing Supervisor at University Hospital
and an ICU RN per diem at East Liverpool Hospital.

Mentor to nursing students and new employed RNs.
Previous step-down and ED nursing experience.

Previously worked at Northside Hospital (YGDNA) until it closed in Sept 2018. Served as Former and Last President of YGDNA
that answered to over 200 members. Past Local Unit President.

Serving or have served on the Bylaws Committee
at Local, District, State, and National levels.

Served on the E&GW commissioner for three years.

House of Delegates 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021

Not afraid to fight for nurses rights and patient rights. I can ask the hard questions and answer to them. I fight for the principle.
I believe in a member driven organization.               Nurse and Patient Advocate.

Currently serving as:                                             Candidate for
ANA Committee on Bylaws                         ONA Board of Directors, Unstructured
ONA Practice on Council                                        2021 Convention
ONA Reference Committee
District Three 2nd Vice President
District Three Bylaw Committee, Chair
District Three Membership Taskforce, Chair
East Liverpool Nurses Association Bylaws, Chair