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Ildiko Yuryev

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Enneagram Type 8 personality, the Leader/Challenger. Energetic, charismatic, and fair; people centered communication skills, values teamwork. Excellent in setting and achieving goals, seeing and grabbing the potential in every opportunity.

"Leadership is sweat, tears, blood and sleepless nights. It’s sacrifice, marching in battle first, and leaving the field last. Leadership is the strength to carry the weight of a common dream, and the power to take responsibility for all who share that vision with you. It involves accepting one’s failures and embracing losses as opportunities to learn, change, grow and improve.(...)Leadership builds the promise of a better future for all who follow. Through brightness, strength and idealism it means chasing great dreams, finding diamonds in the rough, and carefully polishing them to a sparkling shine that will be hard to miss by anyone ". Ildiko Yuryev 2013 Leaders of Promise