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I am a recent graduate of Kent State University. Shortly thereafter, I proudly accepted a position in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as a Staff Nurse, at Akron Children's Hospital. I contribute obtaining my dream job to the experiences and dedication to service that I developed in my last 2 years of nursing school. I have a passion for nurse leadership that inspires me to encourage others to join the journey with me. I have experienced tremendous personal growth and enjoyment from the nursing community that I wish to share with others. I am currently Vice President of Sigma Theta Tau International Delta Xi Chapter. I am a proud first generation college student; I started nursing school in my 30's. I strongly believe that it is never too late to follow a dream or to help another person achieve their dream. I continue to serve and recruit others to support student and professional organizations.

I believe every student nurse deserves the opportunity to find their passion for leadership and that practicing nurses can renew their passion for leadership. I was active in student nurse organizations - local, state and national - because I recognized the force of nursing. Due to these professional and personal experiences, I have a great passion to advocate for every student nurse to experience professional development at a student level. My combined experiences on boards and committees, has left me with a great awareness of the benefits that professional organizations bring to students and nurses alike. I believe that every student can benefit from the opportunity and experience that is afforded to members of such organizations. To list a few: Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), National Student Nurses Association (NSNA), Ohio Student Nurses Association (OhSNA) and Ohio Nurses Association (ONA).

I believe it is important to not only bring the need for professional development to the attention of student nurses but also to inspire all student nurses, new graduates and seasoned nurses to seek out opportunities that will enhance their journey of leadership and personal growth. For example, I continue to look for opportunities that will allow me to share my passion with students and staff nurses. With each new experience, I feel more reassured that I have chosen the proper profession; I feel inspired by the prospects of new discoveries and I believe the benefits of helping others are endless. Therefore, I want to continue to help students reach their potential by offering the support and introducing the leadership skills they need to become the best student and the best registered nurse they can be. I want to inspire nurses to develop their leadership abilities, enhance their career and mentor student nurses. There are times we all need some guidance and I support mentor programs because these opportunities can benefit student nurses, staff nurses and facilities, which in turn positively affects our patients. I continue to enjoy my adventure into nursing. I have only begun this chapter in nursing but I know I will come out the other end stronger and even more amazed.