Voting: What You Need to Know

By Jessica Dzubak posted 10-08-2020 03:04 PM


With over 200,000 nurses in the state of Ohio, nurses can use their voice and have a significant impact on the election. ONA is encouraging everyone to get out and vote!

This year, voting in-person may seem overwhelming to some because of the public health crisis we are facing. Many are opting to vote via an absentee ballot, whether it be a mail-in ballot or taking advantage of early absentee voting in-person.

Here are the things you need to know:

  • If you requested an absentee ballot, it is highly suggested that you vote using that ballot.
  • Ohio offers an early absentee, in-person voting option that began on October 6, 2020.
    • If you requested an absentee ballot and decide to vote in-person using the early voting option at your county board of elections, you should not have to vote provisionally. However, if you choose to do this, make sure you destroy the absentee ballot you received once you cast your vote in-person. 
  • Concerned about absentee voting?
    • Voter identification and signature are checked TWICE during the process
    • Voter list maintenance allows for accurate voter rolls
    • Ballot harvesting is against the law in Ohio
    • Voters able to track their ballot on 
    • Source
  • Make sure that whatever option you choose you receive the correct ballot.
    • If you vote a wrong ballot, the entire ballot is tossed out, not just the one race you shouldn’t have voted on.
    • For Franklin County voters: Click here, enter your information and view a PDF of your sample ballot to make sure the race, precinct number and AB style number (in the top corners of the ballot) all match. If they do not match, please call 614-525-3100 or the Voter Protection Hotline: 1-844-OH-I-VOTE
    • All other counties: Visit your county’s Board of Elections website for details on checking your ballot or contact the Voter Protection Hotline with any concerns about your ballot.



Steps to Return your Voted Ballot:

  • If you return your absentee ballot by mail, it must be postmarked no later than the day before Election Day and received by your county board of elections no later than 10 days after the election. By state law, a postmark does not include a date marked by a postage evidence system such as a postage meter. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) estimates that it may take two to five days for your voted absentee ballot to be delivered to your board of elections by mail.
  • If you are returning your voted ballot by mail during the week before Election Day, you should take it to USPS no later than the day before Election Day and ensure it receives a postmark as follows:
    • If you use a postage label purchased at a USPS customer service window or vending machine, the date on the label is the postmark. This is the USPS-recommended way to postmark your ballot.
    • If you use postage stamps, ask that it be postmarked.

You should not use a postage meter or an online service (such as to affix postage.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure the ballot has enough postage.


Best Practices for Using the Absentee Ballot Option

  • Doublecheck the information on your form. Review your ballot request and ballot to ensure you have filled it out properly, including writing the appropriate date, providing your required identifying information, and signing the form.
  • Include your e-mail and/or phone number. For the first time in a general election, county board of elections will be calling or e-mailing voters who may need to remedy information on their ballot request form or absentee ballot envelope. Including your information will ensure you can be reached if your ballot request doesn’t have everything filled out properly.
  • Don’t wait. Because of processing at the county board of elections and the time necessary for the United States Postal Service to deliver elections mail, voters should not procrastinate – fill out and mail your absentee ballot request as soon as possible.
  • Track your ballot. Once their ballot request is received by their county board of elections, voters may track their ballot at As long as your ballot is postmarked by the day before the election and received within 10 days after the election at your county board of elections, your vote will be tabulated.


 *Information Obtained from Ohio Secretary of State websites - see links for more information

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